As a secondary staff we seek to partner with students when making decisions with the aim of empowering students and increasing their participation in our College community. Last Friday, a select group of student representatives from years 6 to 11 participated in a workshop aimed at reflecting on our college culture, including our strengths, weaknesses and opportunities to grow. These representatives reflected on the values that secondary students have sought to improve on this year, including Respect, Determination and Compassion.  One of the outcomes of the workshop was that students decided to focus on growing in thankfulness, honesty and respect in 2018.  I was delighted with this outcome as I believe that thankfulness (gratitude) is such an important part of personal wellbeing and also such a great foundation for people to become more concerned about giving than receiving.  We look forward to exploring with our students how we can develop each of these character traits in the different contexts of school life.