South Coast Baptist College is proud to partner with Family Zone to bring a world-class cyber safety platform to our school community.

Access to technology is essential if our children are to take full advantage of the benefits offered by new forms of digital learning.  Providing access to this technology also affords us the opportunity to set expectations with students around appropriate use of the internet and devices like mobile phones and iPads.

Partnering with Family Zone ensures the safety and well-being of our students are maintained while they are online and allows us to monitor and help students navigate the complex online environment and provide a holistic approach to cyber safety.

The college is excited to launch our Family Zone School Zone Community initiative and look forward to all the benefits it will bring your children.

Why should you get Family Zone?

  • Block access to adult content
  • Auto schedule screen time. Set up zones for free play, school, study/homework and sleep
  • Restrict social media access. The inventors/creators of social media are setting strict boundaries for their own families
  • Family usage reports and alerts – parents can see what is being downloaded
  • Disable the camera
  • Restrict app installs
  • Restrict iTunes
  • Restrict explicit iTunes content
  • Restrict in-app purchases
  • Access cyber experts for advice and help
  • Games are disabled on iPads whilst your child is at school. No more distractions from non-educational content in the classroom
  • Family Zone cannot be hacked or disabled by your child

What to do next?

Look out for an email from the College which outlines the steps you need to follow to connect to Family Zone for free until 13th April 2018.

Once connected enjoy peace of mind over these summer holidays that when your child is online, no matter what device your child is using and no matter where they are using it, they are cyber safe.