As part of the Year 9 unit of war poetry, the 9.1 English class was challenged to complete a project-based assessment engaging with the following question: What does studying poetry about war and conflict really teach us? This question connects with the Australian Curriculum standard to explore and reflect on personal understanding of the world and significant human experience gained from interpreting various representations of life matters in texts.

For the project, groups of students set up a ‘war museum’ exhibition in time for Remembrance Day. Each group’s exhibition display contained original poems on the topic of war written by the students in the group, a symbolic visual element that set a suitable aesthetic feel for the museum exhibition and a spoken element. Students also submitted a full portfolio with their work and completed a reflection for the project.

Unfortunately, an item from one of the displays is missing. If parents notice an object that may have been recovered from their child’s bag, please inform the College so this item, which is a World War I relic from the Battle of the Somme, can be returned to its owner.

SONNET POEM written by Hadrian Pillay: