“After a bus ride lasting one and and half hours, we finally arrived at of Camp Kerem. My dearest friend Amber and I were bustling with excitement. We maneuvered our way through the traffic and got our bags. I already knew it was going to be a fun week. After a short introduction from the Camp Kerem Staff, Mr Winkler and a few other teachers began organising the dorms. I was lucky to score a room with my best friends. There was lots to do, so we didn’t waste time unpacking. The activities provided a variety of different experiences and I knew I had to try them all! There was a few fun water-related activities on the first day, followed by a full-blown ‘colour war’ in which all the year sevens got in on the fun, throwing water balloons and water-based paint at each other! There was also a low-ropes course, archery, rock-climbing and team games on the second day. A visit to The Maze and Outback Splash was also included! Overall, I had an amazing experience during Year Seven Camp as it was the school’s first ever time trying out this camp venue. The food wasn’t half bad either.”
By: Erin Lynch

“Camp was a fun and exciting time, I made new friends and had new adventures. The funniest and most annoying moment was when all the female’s dorm leaders did silly things to get us up in the mornings. Most mornings my dorm mate, Jade and I were already up. The first morning they banged their feet and yelled “time to get up”. The second morning they played some music. The last morning, they banged pots and pans. I must say, it scared me and Jade half to death but it was funny. And that’s my camp story.”
By: Paige Cover

Our year 7 camp was definitely a great experience for all of us. We made new friendships, strengthened old ones, got to know our teachers and friends better and learnt something new about ourselves. We got to take part in a number of really fun and challenging activities including; a series of water activities on the first day as-well as glow-sports at night. Activities on the second day were team-games, rock-climbing, archery and low ropes including sports at night. The highlight of camp was spending day three at Out-Back Splash and watching ‘Cool Runnings’ when we got back. On our last day we got to spend the day doing free-time and orienteering as-well as cleaning. We had a great time, but were happy to go home.
By: Lara Radic