Last Newsletter I shared with you a study linking spirituality with improved, self-reported well-being. We are a school community, inspired by Jesus Christ, to be our best selves in all areas of life, including our academic journey.

Representing SCBC, I attended the Governor’s Prayer Breakfast on Friday morning. It is hosted by Perth’s Christian radio station, SonshineFM. Many from our Western Australian community come together with pray for our State, especially our Politicians. Some of you with an instinctive sense of curiosity and humour may wonder why they particularly need more prayer than others.

Kim Beazley, AC, is the Governor of Western Australia and former Deputy Prime Minister of Australia and Leader of the Opposition. He was also a Minister in the Hawke and Keating Governments, and more recently, Australia’s Ambassador to the United States. I first met WA’s Governor when I was the Secondary Principal at Carey Baptist College. His friend’s son was one of my students. Mr Beazley’s friend was helping with research into the human genome (genetic coding).

I knew Mr Beazley to be a highly accomplished politician; without a doubt, a people’s person. Very soon in conversation, it was obvious to me that he is intellectually sharp, engaging and has a good sense of humour. I found it easy to chat and couldn’t help but notice his friendliness. Despite his intellectual giftedness, I observed him to be a humble man who appeared to be at ease in serving the community through his roles in public life.

Having heard him share more at the Prayer Breakfast, I now have more insight. He described his dad as ‘very religious’. In a father-to-son moment, he impressed upon young Kim that his first responsibility was ‘to be Christian’, the second to not stand in the way of someone else’s experience of the Cross. He was encouraged not to inhibit someone else’s experience of the Christian faith. When he was our representative Ambassador in the US, he attended the National Prayer Breakfast with over 3500 attendees. Within that leadership community, he became increasingly aware of Christian politicians and the way they cared for each other, regardless of their political party affiliations.

The main speaker at WA’s Governor’s Prayer Breakfast was Dr John Dickson (PhD). A mature Christian lady who cared about him as a young and restless teenager, profoundly impacted his life. He subsequently pursued an academic career and became a Christian Minister. You may have heard of his most recent project, the production of a movie that takes a raw look at Christianity throughout history. ‘The Love of God’ is confronting, at times disturbing, and unavoidably challenging.

If you’re further interested in his opinions, you may also like to have a look at his blog

Alternatively, you may simply like to take an objective look at Faith and Religion in Australia. Following is a snapshot that may be of interest

At SCBC, we see our Christian faith as a means of becoming our best selves.


Des Mitchell