On Wednesday, 12th September 2018, all the year 4 students worked together in groups and did amazingly well.  A lot of the products were sold out quickly.  Everyone had a wonderful attitude.  We are very thankful that the weather was good and that it didn’t pour with rain.   Most of the products were homemade.  There were lots of food, games and prizes to be won.  No one got injured or hurt.  Everyone had an amazing time.

Written by Chloe Ng, Lilly Rasulova and Chloe Fraser

All money raised is being donated to Compassion Australia. The total amount raised by Year 4 students this year was $2,815.85

Some Quotes about Entrepreneur’s Day from Year 4 students:

“The day was awesome to its core, absolutely awesome in every way.” Addison Moss, Arun Rajayogan and Joshua Vrcic

“Everybody sold lots of good things.” Zachariah Clark

“From start to finish everyone was willing to share and help everyone.” Alex Sparkes

“It was a success and a great day to raise money for Compassion Australia.” Luca Schuetz and Lee Robinson