3A Matters!

This past year seems to be flying by! Each day it becomes more obvious what a kind, caring, confident, creative and resilient class 3A is. What a privilege it is for me to be their teacher.

In Science, we have enjoyed investigating States of Matter. The children have had lots of fun experimenting with solids, liquids and gasses. We have seen first-hand how matter can change state. Simply by adding heat, or melting, we saw that solids like cheese and chocolate can change state to a liquid (we had to work hard at resisting the urge to eat our materials!). Cooling or freezing was another experiment the children enjoyed. By freezing or removing heat, we saw how some changes in states of matter were reversible. For example, our melted chocolate changed from a liquid to a solid when cooled, but our cooked eggs did not turn back into raw eggs. Ask your child to explain how the particles in matter change as their states change – I think their knowledge will blow you away!

I have also seen many forensic scientists in the making! 3A had the privilege of participating in SciTech’s CSIRO lab on legs. They were able to put into practise their inquiry skills during our investigation of “Who stole the library book?”. In their small teams, they investigated the laboratory evidence collected against different suspects – Dotty the dog, Candela the cat, Gerald the rabbit or The Karate chicken. The children used a variety of techniques including chromatography, pipetting and paw print analysis. I was amazed with their plans of attack towards the evidence, their predictions and the questions solved. If you have a case needing investigation – just call on one of our 3A experts!