On Tuesday, 16th October in Humanities, students have been studying food security and its implications across the globe. Fittingly on World Food Day, students in year 9 participated in a ‘Hunger Banquet’ to experience a taste of the inequalities in food access around the globe. Students were randomly divided into low, middle and high wealth and this determined what menu the student received. Students soon recognised the differences based on their personal wealth profile they received. High wealth ate a plated pasta dish with garlic bread followed by ice-cream, whilst our lowest wealth ate boiled rice out of a lettuce leaf. In our reflection discussions, students shared their emotions of jealousy and uneasiness associated with the inequality of the banquet. It is awesome to have these ‘hands-on’ learning experiences here at the college, thank you to Mrs Crowther, Ms t’ Hart, Mrs Frick and Mr Hywood for your assistance in making our ‘Hunger Banquet’ happen.