The trip that we had been waiting for, for ages with so much preparation and build up was put into, had arrived. The training, the meetings, everything just made it that much better.

It started off with us meeting at the airport all ready to go. We said our goodbyes and then it became surreal that it was actually happening. Straight away we were off to a good start with a person coming up to us saying we conducted ourselves really well. So, we went on the flight and then got to the hotel in Singapore, and oh my gosh what a nice hotel.

We got a good rest and the next day we were up early and ready to go for our friendly match. We had our team meeting and we were so organised that we came out 5-1 winners against another school team. Straight after the game, we did our recovery and got prepared for our training.

The next day came and our well-organised bus came to pick us up.  They were always there on time and we were never late for anything.  We had a very intense training session, intimidating the other team training next to us.  We then went back to the hotel and did some activities.

Throughout the trip our weight was monitored due to the heat over there, so we made sure we got plenty of fluids in us. Then came the big day, Monday the first day of the competition. We were buzzing and ready to go. We got there and oh my gosh the reality hit us about what it’s like to play in this humidity.  But we pushed through the two games winning both 4-2 and 3‑2, which of course we were very happy about.

We got back to the hotel and did our pool recovery, which worked very well throughout the tour. Then it was dinner and we went to bed. Tuesday was the second day of the tour. We were all very excited for both of our games which we dominated the first one winning 4-0, then came the hardest game of the group the Canberra team. It was a very even game, but we just missed out losing 2-1. Because of our results, we managed to make it into the quarter-final.  We versed the hardest team in the competition.  They had a score of 16 conceded 0, but again we fought.  We just lost 3-1, but they scored a last-minute goal so basically 2-1.

Overall the competition was amazing and for the last couple of days, we just had a blast going to Universal Studios and doing other activities.

I would like to give a massive thank you to Mr. Posthuma, Chris Thackray and Mr. Galambosi and all the staff behind the scenes that let us have this great opportunity.  It was a great tour and I will never forget it.

Reflection from Max Worswick