On Monday, 5th November 2018, our year 9 students attended the Rite Journey Homecoming Ceremony. Throughout this year, the year 9’s have participated in the Rite Journey Program as part of Health and Bible and Christian Studies. The program aims to provide a positive and guided transition from childhood to adulthood. Throughout the year the students have had the opportunity to work with a mentor and create a project. Some of the projects were community service based while others chose to learn a new skill or do something out of their comfort zone. Some of our students donated items to charity, raised awareness for homelessness or built a project with their Dad.

At the homecoming ceremony the students presented their projects alongside their mentor and their parents. The students each read out a personal statement that reflected the growth they had made throughout year 9 as well as honouring people they are grateful for. It was a wonderful opportunity to reflect on all that they had accomplished this year. The evening concluded with supper. We wish our year 9’s all the best as they move up into senior school.