The Health and Physical Education department at South Coast Baptist College is a thriving area of daily activity and fun!  We have a great staff team, with specialised and passionate teachers who teach, encourage and model living a healthy, active and full life.

There are weekly clubs and activities ranging from before school run club and girls’ workouts to afterschool Surf Life saving cadets and boys weights.  The fitness centre is open for lunchtimes a week, where students are encouraged to come and use our facilities to improve their fitness.  During the week classes include general Physical Education classes, a specialised basketball program, our popular CrossFit elective, Physical Recreation (which includes activities such as trampolining and wheelchair basketball), Dance electives and Outdoor Education. 

We are a part of the Associated & Catholic Colleges of WA (ACC) and compete in Inter-school swimming, cross country and athletics carnivals each year.  Our representative teams are selected based on student performance in the relevant Inter-House Carnivals.  Last year we incorporated a Colour Run into our cross-country carnival.  It was great fun, with lots of laughs as staff and students threw coloured powder on each other and everywhere!

House Week has become an annual tradition at our school.  Lead by the House Captains, students’ leaders run a range of sports at lunchtimes for a week in term 3.  Students across all year’s groups and staff join together to battle it out against teams from other houses.

This year, Club Sport has been a focus for our Director of Sport, Mr Ty Campbell.  SCBC has teams in local competitions for netball, basketball and soccer.  Each weekend, students from our college play team sport in the community and live out an active lifestyle.

Mr Andy price is our guru CrossFit coach.  He has muscles even bigger than his passion for this all-encompassing sport.  Mr Price has grown our program from an initial start-up last year to having three full classes of CrossFit with a waiting list.  This term he has students competing in the CrossFit Games.  This program has been a great addition to our college and has students engaged in their fitness, making goals and achieving things they never dreamed were possible.

Miss Lara Thompson our dance teacher works with students throughout the year to choreograph and perform a variety of dances, culminating in the Youth on Health Yoh Fest event at the Mandurah Arts Centre in Term 3.  The dances for this are choreographed solely by the students and they rehearse throughout the year in preparation for this rewarding event.

Mr Ryan Galambosi heads up our Outdoor Education program, which involves activities such as surfing, snorkelling, bike riding and kayaking.  This term our OED classes have early morning surfing before school at Secret Harbour, allowing students to start the day in the sun and sea while carving up the waves! The classes go on camps throughout the year which students often state is the highlight of their schooling. We do a range of camps including hiking parts of the Biblumum Track and the magnificent coastal Cape to Cape; to caving, surfing and mountain bike camps in WA’s beautiful south-west.  This year we are running our first ever Ningaloo camp with the Year 11 and 12 class to sunny Exmouth at the start of term 3.  Students will develop team work, leadership and outdoor skills as they experience the rugged nature of the north, snorkel the Ningaloo reef, hike in magnificent gorges and swim with whale sharks.

Mrs Sarah Mullane runs our Year 9 year-long Health and wellness program called The Rite Journey (TRJ).  TRJ focuses on building and developing the character and maturity of students in this pivotal year.  This unique educational program for Year 9 boys and girls aims to assist our students transition from children into healthy, respectful, and responsible young men and women. Students work in small same gender classes alongside their Rite Journey teacher, parents and a self-selected mentor as they choose and work on a yearlong project. 

Each year, the HPE department at SCBC develops new initiatives and ways to get our college community fit and healthy.  We truly believe this is an incredibly important part of living a full and successful life and are committed to supporting our staff and students as they strive to do this.