This year 6C (or should I say 6ICT) has started off with a bang! The introduction of 27 new Chromebooks in the classroom has made ICT readily available for us in 6C and has shifted the way we learn about the world around us. It has had an impact on the way we inquire, produce work and send in assignments. A tool 6C has begun to use to promote positive engagement in learning is Microsoft Teams. This online software allows students to access and engage in learning through an online 6C community. Microsoft Teams provides students with the ability to discuss certain topics by posting into our newsfeed. Students respond to one another’s posts through comments and likes, furthering their learning as they engage with one another. This activity has spurred positive engagement and interaction within our class lessons making learning more exciting, invigorating and relevant to the technologically filled world we live in. It is also a tool that helps students understand the importance of online safety, helping develop maturity with their ICT use. What a wonderful opportunity we have been given in Year 6!

Here are some of 6C’s thoughts on the Chromebooks being introduced into the classroom:

Genevieve: “I feel really good about it. I think it is a great experience for Year 7, to know what to do and not what to do on the Chromebooks”.

Jake: “It’s brilliant, we get to go on Teams more and it makes learning more fun.”

Alex: “It makes me happy when I get to communicate with my friends and learn at the same time.”