The Humanities and Social Sciences department provide students with an opportunity to learn to critically engage with the world around them and to build a personal understanding of their sense of self and the greater community they are a part of. Students have an opportunity to engage in global history, our political scene, the geographies of human settlement and natural phenomena as well as the business and economic world. We have a team of specialist teachers who are passionate about helping students develop their skills and engage in their learning journey.

Throughout the year, students are provided with opportunities to engage in a wide range of practical activities to enhance their understanding of the topics we are covering in class. In term one students in years 7-10 covered the history topics relevant to their year level. Alongside this, the year 7’s conducted a mock archaeological dig and reconstructed artefacts to learn about the important work archaeologists do in investigating and preserving history. The year 8’s had various activities such as the construction of a feudal manor and debate around the merits of the feudal system. While students in year 9 and 10 worked with primary and secondary sources to investigate issues like the conscription debate during WW1 and the experience of Australian POW’s in WW2.

Year 11-12 students have the opportunity to select the subjects they specialise in, and our department offers them ATAR Modern History, Politics and Law and Geography as well as General Business Management and Enterprise. Last term students in the Geography course had an opportunity to head off campus to practise their fieldwork skills, with an excursion to Penguin Island.