Over the course of Term 2, our Year 4C class has embraced the idea of setting SMART goals for themselves.  Students were asked to set a school-related goal for the whole term. At the end of the term, they will reflect on said goals and determine whether they have achieved them.

“I think it is helpful because my handwriting is neater than it used to be and I learned how to write on the lines.”  Kara F

“I think that SMART goals are good because we can set a goal and try to reach it.” Grace T

“I think it is a fun way to reach a goal and complete it.” Cody D

In Science, students have been investigating Earth and Space Sciences. Students have focused on discovering what a geologist does. They have investigated whether the soil is the same all-around Australia by acting like soil scientists and analysing a variety of soil samples, identifying their characteristics and observing what happens if you add water to the soil.  With weathering, students predicted and made observational notes about what would happen to rock salt in a mortar and pestle. 

“Amazing, because I love learning about gems, jewels and how the earth changes.” Zachary

“This term when somebody says Science, I think rocks.  This term we learned about rocks and I really enjoyed that.  I liked the activity that we did when we touched on different things. I enjoyed that!” Hanna M

“It’s pretty good, I like how we are learning about minerals and all that.”  Noah F