From the first computer game in 1962 to today, a computer game industry has developed whose annual revenue dwarfs both the movie and music industry combined.  Games are used to educate students in schools and train employees at work (and even the military), games provide mental and physical stimulation in many different situations. 

eSports are becoming more and more popular, with stadium-sized audiences watching teams battle it out on screen.  At this year’s Fortnite World Cup a 16-year-old took home $3 million ($4.4AUD million).  Of the top 10 YouTube stars (in revenue) 5 are gamers.  Gaming and eSports are big business.

At SCBC we approach computer games from two angles.  In our Digital Technologies and Computer Science subjects’ student’s design and build games.  Creating games helps students understand the basic concepts of programming and some fundamentals of computing.  Last year three SCBC teams were finalists in the Australian STEM Game Challenge.

As an extracurricular activity, SCBC students can participate in eSport tournaments where their skills and teamwork are put to the test.  In semester 1, 32 teams competed in an SCBC Rocket League tournament.  In August we held the final where the students competed for the glowing winner’s trophy.  It came down to a year 9 versus year 10 battle. Both teams were well supported, and while Clay and Nathan put up a good fight, Tom and Roy’s teamwork and skills were unbeatable.  We plan to run a lunchtime FIFA competition in term 4.

In term 2 our school eSports team came third in an Australia wide school Rocket League tournament run by  Mitch (team leader), Tim, and CJ are currently representing the College in the second season.  A massive thanks go to Mitch for helping organise the SCBC Rocket League tournament.