Seven of our Year 10 students attended an excursion to UWA last Thursday, 29th September. We attended the Science Café and one of the students Jolie Henriksen wrote this about her experience at the excursion;

“Science Café aims to support and inspire the next generation of WA’s STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) professionals. The amount of effort and dedication shown by all throughout the day was exceptional, including the variety of STEM professionals and the current UWA students who were willing to share their knowledge. It provided us with a unique experience to either discover our passion in the science field or enhance it. This opportunity to speak one-on-one with STEM professionals was an amazing privilege that encouraged me to achieve highly so I can reach my goal of a career in Forensic Science. I was thrilled to get the chance to speak to Brendan Chapman, a Forensic Scientist with professional experience in both Forensic Biology and Crime Scene Investigation. Speaking to him was a once in a lifetime opportunity that secured my decision of a career in Forensics, inspired me to try harder and to someday be the best at what I do. I would highly recommend anyone interested in a STEM career to attend future Science Café excursions, even if you already know that you would like to pursue a career in science or are not quite set on any career in particular.”