“On Monday, 2nd September, 35 Secondary SCBC students, including the Year 10 dance class, and some Year 7’s & 8’s attended the Youth on Health Festival. Also known as YOH Fest, it is a dance competition in Mandurah by Act Belong Commit. We had two performances enter, one group dance called ‘Reality Check’ and a trio called ‘Together’.

All involved had spent countless hours preparing since the beginning of the year including choreographing the dance, teaching it to other students, finding costumes, props and having multiple dance rehearsals after school.

During the day we had the opportunity to rehearse with the judge where she gave constructive criticism for the performance that night.

During the rest of the day, we practised as a group in a big dressing room. Throughout the day we took a break to eat ice cream and fish and chips. For dinner, ate pizza while we watched a talent show hosted by the competition. At the end of a huge day, a night of performances and the finale, both performances won awards. Our group of 35 dancers won an award for ‘Most Enthusiastic and Feel Good Dance Piece’ and the trio received the award for “Creative Endeavour”.

Overall, the experience throughout the whole year gave us new friends, challenges and an amazing time on and off stage.

We would like to thank everyone involved for their support and we can’t wait for next year’s competition already!”