With the spring weather setting in, we are so looking forward to the sunshine, and beautiful days ahead where lots of learning, play and wonder can take place in our outdoor environments. Our garden beds have been fertilized and are ready for planting. Very timely, as our Centre has taken full advantage of the Woolworths Discovery Garden by using the activity to develop sensory hands-on play. We have been very fortunate to receive lots of seedling boxes from our parents which have allowed many children to participate in interacting with water and soil, feeling, smelling, touching and watching, providing them with a wonderful gardening experience. 

All the rooms have participated in this experience with our older children using recycled bottles to make a vertical garden. Our parents are also involved by spending time with their children on pick up and drop off in exploring the plants that we have growing, helping our seedlings get water and enjoying the wild space. Talking about Woolies, our Kindy Children were very blessed to be able to attend the Fresh Food tour at Woolworths, where they learnt about making healthy choices and were provided with a healthy snack and a goodie bag. It certainly has been a busy time of learning.

This month all our staff and children transitioned into their new rooms. A new milestone was reached, not for one of our children, but one of our Educators. Miss Haecker who was originally one of our student mentors, has been given the opportunity to become the room leader for the newly opened Kodomo 2 room. It is times like these where we really recognize the importance and value of having our student’s journey with us in our Centre, and Miss Haeckers appointment is such fantastic success story.  With the weather producing days full of sunshine, our children have also enjoyed their adventures to the College grounds. You will often see our children, walking along the tree lines, watching the primary and secondary children participate in their sporting activities, and the little ones playing “What’s the time Mr Wolf” on the basketball courts. We were also very excited to be spectators the year 3 – 6 sports carnival, our Kodomo and Bata rooms had a full view of all the races. We are looking forward to hearing from Mrs. Ralph our Kindergarten Teacher in our next issue. Our Kindy room is very busy at the moment with discovering the life cycle of silkworms!! Our little Entomologists have been hard at work and we can’t wait to see what they have been up to!