We have had an incredible time in Year 2B this year. We have undertaken so many inquiry based projects where we have learnt about bees, the ocean, toys, and now ancient Egypt, developing valuable research skills along the way. Our class is full of little creative minds, who are always looking for something to make independently or in small groups. We have so many wonderful creations, including bird and dollhouses, a diorama of Egypt, a collection DIY toys, a money safe, a worm farm and many more projects coming along each week!

Last term we ran an economy program where students earned money for doing jobs around the classroom. Students also created their own businesses to generate a papery income.

The Matific competition left us feeling proud, as our class achieved 1st place across Australia in the Year 2 competition. One of our students, Abhinaya made it to the top 5 worldwide!

Valuable friendships have been made across the year, and we have taught each other important lessons.