As spring sets in we are certainly enjoying the abundance of bugs that nature provides. Our Kindy class have been entomologist for the past 4 weeks. They have done lots and lots of studies on their new classroom pets, the Silkworm and Butterflies. The children have been so intrigued by the life cycle of the silkworm and butterflies as they watch and care for their pets as they go through the cycle. The students first painted their own interpretation of a stage in the life cycle to display on our Kindy room. The artwork was beautiful, and it was so wonderful to see the children take pride in their work. They were more than happy to explain to everyone what it was, and what was even more impressive, was the different interpretations from each individual student. They then used photos of their silkworm eggs and photos of themselves holding the silkworms to piece together their own life cycle which is now on display. Now that our silkworm pets have gone through the whole cycle the students are now working on making a book, showing everything, they know to have in their book area so they can reflect on their learning.

It was a wonderful experience for the children to spend with Mrs Ralph as she prepares for Maternity Leave. We can’t wait to see what other bug adventures are happening in the rest of our exceptional Childcare Centre.