On Friday, 22nd November, our Year 7 and Year 8 students actively and busily immersed in the Special Chinese cultural activities Incursion for half of the day each cohort.

In the morning, Year 8 students had Chinese painting on a rice paper lantern, making Chinese lucky knot, practising Chinese Taichi exercise and appreciating Chinese live Er Hu(Chinese violin) music performance from a Chinese musician. In the afternoon Year, 7 students had the same rotation of the activities. Year7 students also enjoyed their Pizza lunch reward from Education Perfect Language Championship 1st place WA wide.

As the presenters from Confucius Institute said our students had shown great interest and engagement in these cultural activities, and they also try to speak Mandarin they have learned.

The Mandarin students love the event so much, they cannot wait for the next time.

The link in the email below is the photos of that day. Thanks to Mr Norris’s professional photographer student helping to take some good ones.