SCBC Year 12 student Daniel McMullen has a difficult (but nice) decision to make…   will I apply to the enter Australian Defence Force Academy and become a Surface Warfare Officer in the Navy, or will I apply to the University of Western Australia to study a Law degree?

Daniel has been a student at SCBC since Year 7 and is a member of the Football Academy.  He chose the ATAR pathway last year and, through hard work and perseverance, achieved the award of Dux of Year 11.

In Year 12, he is studying five ATAR subjects: Politics and Law, Modern History, Geography, English, and Maths Applications.   “I’m really enjoying Politics and Law at the moment which is why I’m leaning more towards studying Law at UWA.   I have the option to join the Defence Force as Legal Officer once I graduate from the university”, says Daniel.

Daniel’s advice to Year 10 students who are coming up to the time for considering their study options for Years 11 and 12 is to “go with your passions and lean on your strengths.    You’ll get the best outcomes if you choose subjects that you are really interested in, and that you can perform well in.   It’s simple advice really but can often be overlooked in the pressure of subject selections.”