SCBC Year 12 student Benjamin Scarborough is about to take off … literally, and join the Royal Australian Air Force.   Ben received news recently that his enlistment date is 21 September.

Ben has always had a fascination with aircraft.   “I’m not exactly sure where this comes from,” says Ben, “I just like the idea of fixing airplanes.”

Ben is off to the No. 1 Recruit Training Unit at RAAF Base Wagga in New South Wales for initial airman training, followed by a nearly year-long course in how to become an aircraft maintenance technician.   Then, the sky’s the limit!

Ben is currently a General Studies student and is studying a Certificate IV in Business where he attends the Fremantle Education Centre every Friday.   “This is a great course, and if I didn’t decide to join the Air Force I would have used the course to gain entry to university,” says Ben.