SCBC GATE students have been working on creating a business that provides a positive social and environmentally friendly benefit to our local community.  Here is a sample of one of the initiatives.  Please support our students by buying a World Saving Water Bottle (WSWB) before Friday, 24th July.

From our students: “We are a Gifted and Talented Programme group of Year 8 students tasked with creating a business that provides a positive social benefit to our local community.  Our business design is based around the idea of selling reusable water bottles that stop plastic pollution and protect marine life. These water bottles come with customisable writing on the side and come in a wide variety of water bottle designs, fonts, and colours to choose from. Our bottles are great for personal use as well as a gift for family or friends.

The bottles only cost $15 and for every water bottle bought, 100% of our profit goes towards supporting WWF. WWF is involved in helping protect our precious oceans. Did you know that 85% of Australian seabirds are affected by plastic pollution and 95% of plastic packaging is discarded after a single use! Help us, help all marine life by buying a bottle today.

To purchase a bottle and read more about our business, our products and our chosen charity, please see the link below to our website:

You have until 24 July 2020 to place an order!”

Thank you for your support!!

Erin Reddy, Angelina Montini, Sharol Naidu, and Amelie Richardson