SCBC Year 9 camp was an absolute blast! On Wednesday, 5th August, our Year 9 students arrived at school full of excitement and anticipation for the camp we didn’t think we’d be able to hold in such a challenging year as 2020 has been. By 9am the buses were packed, and we rolled on out headed for Forest Edge Recreation Camp in Waroona.

As we arrived, we were met with the incredible view from the campsite which is in the Waroona foothills. We were also met by the amazing Forest Edge staff who let us know what kind of adventure challenges we were in for! The Year 9 camp is all about working together in groups to overcome obstacles and to challenge yourself. We climbed towers of milk crates, climbed the rock wall, abseiled, took the flying fox across the valley, and hiked all the way back.

The camp also had a focus on kindness. Year 9 can be a tricky year with new demands and relationships, so it was great to be reminded that no one does the journey alone. In fact, we need to reach out and rely on one another to overcome many of life’s obstacles. Students reading the messages of kindness they had written to each other was a particular highlight.

Such a fun time was had by all! We’d like to especially thank all the staff members who worked behind the scenes and who attended camp for making this experience possible for our awesome Year 9 cohort.