On the last day of school for the Year 11 cohort, our ATAR Metals students invited the Secondary Principal, Mr Trimble, to come down to the workshop and ride their electric transport vehicles. The electric vehicles were made from recycled bicycles and the result of a year’s design, planning, and production which culminated in a fully functional vehicle that could be ridden safely.

Mr Trimble arrived with trepidation and an adventurous look in his eye.  He received verbal instructions on how to maneuver the vehicle and being informed that the brakes were a ‘work in progress’, he decided to take the plunge and risk his safety and well-being for the betterment of student education.

Donning a safety helmet, he took off at a quarter the vehicle’s speed capability around the pathway outside M Block. Mr Trimble completed the course with a big smile on his face and commented that he really enjoyed the experience.  Everyone in attendance enjoyed the spectacle and felt that Mr Trimble did the teachers proudly.