The year 12 ATAR Mathematics Methods class of 2021 came into school for a 7 am start on Thursday, 19th November for a full day maths seminar covering the Year 12 Methods program in a day (YTMIAD). The purpose of the seminar was to provide an extension opportunity in ATAR mathematics in order to support excellent ATAR achievement in 2021. One student shared their reflections after the YTMIAD seminar:

I feel like I have a good, well-rounded view of what is to come next year and I know that the booklet will serve as a valuable study tool. I don’t think it was too much for one day; actually, I think it was good to have one day to cover the whole year because now I can see the whole bigger picture on the two Methods units. I did gain a lot from the experience, not only a greater understanding of the course but also a few handy study resources.

Students in this program were asked what advice they would give younger students aspiring towards ATAR excellence:

There are plenty of opportunities for additional help, such as after and before school tutoring. YTMIAD was a perfect example of this. The teachers of any course, but especially ATAR, really want to see what you are capable of, and they will do their best to help you get there.

Doing ATAR opens up so many opportunities, whether you know what you want to do after school or not. It’s also good character-building and it provides a new challenge, but one that you don’t have to face alone.

Finally, don’t stress at all about the ‘hard subject’ stigmas. I was concerned about this with the subjects that I was going into, but what is hard for you will depend on you as a person. I know that I find some of the ‘easier’ subjects more difficult than the ‘hard’ ones! A better way to approach subject selection is to do the ones that you are passionate about. – Anna Watts Year 11 ATAR student

Students aspiring to excellent ATAR achievement are encouraged to pursue the various extension and acceleration opportunities available at SCBC throughout Years 7-12. Referring to the relevant year group handbooks and talking to your teachers about your aspirations and subject passions will ensure that you do not miss out on the many exciting opportunities available at South Coast!