Four former students of South Coast Baptist College, pictured together at the annual University of Western Australia (UWA) Medical Ball (held at Optus Stadium, 6th November).

From left: Esther Watts, Mohit Kumar, Tom Cahill, Ruth Bediako.

Mohit and Tom graduated from SCBC in 2015 and are in their 5th year of study and 3rd year of Medical School.  They will become final year MD4 students in 2021.

Esther and Ruth graduated from SCBC in 2016 and are in their 4th year of study and 2nd year of Medical School. They will be MD3 students in 2021.

How ‘time flies’, a few of the current teaching staff including our Principal Mr Mitchell and our Head of Secondary, Mr Trimble would remember these bright-eyed and bushy-tailed students who had attended the secondary school since Year 7, all the way up to Year 12.

I hope this article helps to inspire and encourage other students from SCBC and the greater Rockingham area.