On Wednesday, 25th November our Year 9 students celebrated the completion of The Rite Journey program. Students enjoyed quality time with their family reflecting on the year that has been. Each student wrote and shared a personal statement of intent which included stories of how they have matured throughout the year, who they are thankful for and what kind of young adult they wish to be in the future.

Throughout the year each student worked on a project with their mentor and at this ceremony, they proudly displayed their work. There were many fundraising projects which collectively raised thousands of dollars for organisations such as Fight MND, National Breast Cancer Foundation, The Smith Family, and Beyond blue. There were projects that demonstrated thoughtfulness such as visiting the elderly, baking sweets for health care workers, and volunteering at a clinic that provides horse riding lessons for kids with disabilities. There were also some very impressive building and renovating projects including the building of a go-kart and the refurbishment of an entire boat! We are so proud of our year 9 students and what they have added to the community this year.