KINDY 4 – 2020

The year 2020 has come full circle for the students of Kindy 4.  It started out with an inquiry into the sustainability of our environment.  Whereby students planted and cultivated their own vegetables, as well as, recycling lunch fruit and vegetable scraps into a compost bin. The students regularly cooked vegetables cultivated from the garden, these included sweet potato chips, cooked beans, and our favourite vegetable Frittatas with Chef Craig in the high school kitchen.

Left: Robyn and Mia picked the cabbage that was used in the Frittata.
Chef Craig Haywood cooking the Frittata’s for our students in the Secondary College kitchen.

The compost was added to the class worm farm, those worms worked very hard to create worm tea.  At the start, the children added the worm tea to their own vegetable gardens but the worms were producing so much that they had to think about what to do with it all. 

Joshua poring warm tea over our bean seeds.

After discussion with the children, it was decided to sell the worm tea to their families for a donation, it was so popular that we had to decide what to do with the funds raised.  We reminded the children about the school theme community for the year and what it meant.  We looked at the different members within our community including aged care homes and the impact of coronavirus on residents within aged care facilities.  Without hesitation, the students decided to purchase equipment for the local aged care home Brightwater The Oaks. Equipment included 3Dpuzzles, dumbbells, fishing games, and many more. The children wrapped and decorated the gifts that were presented to The Oaks Service Manager Catherine Zhou, Deputy Service Manager Tracy Boettger, and Therapy Assistant Janet Corbett.  Brightwater CEO Jennifer Lawrence thought the Kindy children to be very kind in their gesture.  “We are absolutely elated that the Kindy class thought of our clients when deciding who they could help in the community,” she said.  

The gifts were well received, some of the residents said it felt like Christmas and the CEO of Brightwater.