Recently our Year 7’s enjoyed their camp at Camp Kerem in Bullsbrook. They participated in many team building activities such as High Ropes, Archery, Capture the Flag, Team Games, Rock-climbing and even spending a day at Outback Splash. They had an amazing week of teambuilding and fun. Here are some reflections of what they thought.

“We learned values and built friendships that would never fade. We heard stories of God; some of us gave our hearts to him. We got wet, we got scared, we screamed we had fun. We made new friends and goofed around. We shared stories, conquered our fears, and stayed up late. We climbed rocks, ropes and flew down zip lines. We swam, splashed, and penciled into the water. We scared our teacher, ourselves, and the small dogs. Thank you.” (Castaliah Lee)

“It was fun and exciting. There were lots of fun activities to keep us occupied. The food was really yummy. I liked the high ropes because it was intense, scary and entertaining.”  (Robbie)

I thought it was really fun and I learned a lot and made many new friends. I got to socialise a lot. My favourite activity was the high ropes because it was kind of scary and I just wanted to finish it. (River)

“It was really fun and one of the best experiences I have had at school. My favourite day by far was Outback Splash because I conquered a lot of my fears. I was really nervous to go camping but once there I realised it was a lot of fun.” (Molly)

“It was really fun and exciting. All the activities were really good. I really liked Outback Splash. During the High Ropes, I was really nervous but then at the end, I found the Zip Line really fun. My favourite though was Outback Splash.” (Archie)

“Camp was really fun. I liked the High Ropes. It was really scary, but I did it. I liked the dorms because we had separate rooms. I liked Outback Splash because we did so many different activities there.” (Edward).

“Something I learned at camp was to encourage people if they didn’t want to do something. An example would be some people who didn’t want to finish the high ropes course, but people still encouraged them to do it. Or when we had rock climbing some people were scared at first but after people had encouraged them to do it, they were climbing up the wall and even doing races with one another. At camp, I think everybody made at least one new friend. Teamwork was also good at camp because when it was one of the teams’ turn to clean up after breakfast, lunch, or dinner you all worked as a team to clean up. Some people would be working on cleaning the tables and then some would be sweeping the floor, and it was done in the end.” (Keahna)