“Hi Everyone, it’s Grace; Student Council for Year 7 here (go Turtles!). Year 7 has been amazing, but it can be overwhelming. It took me 4 whole weeks to get used to everything. I’m glad that our Teachers have been very understanding and very helpful in getting us to our classes and telling us what to do.  Sadly, camp has been delayed until September, but we still get to do fun things.  We do have another date for the camp in September (Tuesday, 6th – Friday, 9th September).  Hopefully by then COVID is no more. I have really enjoyed getting to meet new people, learning new things, meeting teachers and so much more. Getting used to things can be quite tricky, especially from staying in one classroom all day, as we had in Primary School, to moving around to 6-7 different classrooms now. I hope that people in the future will have a different perspective to high school rather than being scared, because I realise now that it’s great fun, but I can completely understand because I have been through it too. It’s a new journey 😊 “