Over the last couple of months, a lot has been happening in the studio, we have been making our own paints using oil and herbs, then moving on to using flour, salt, water, and food colouring. We have been exploring our projector, using it to project our drawing tablet drawings on the wall and to look at reference pictures on subjects we have wanted to draw or learn about (mostly animals, especially dinosaurs). We have been taking a lot of photographs and created a display of these, which is now up in the studio. We made a fish tank and some fish, constructed with wire and recycled plastics, introduced a bass guitar and microphone to the music corner, written songs and done a lot of singing, drawn from basic instruction, learning about constructing pictures from basic shapes, made a couple of cardboard boats and cars, gone fishing and driven to the zoo (in our cardboard vehicles), iced a cardboard cake, made wooden spoon people and paper plate boats, painted with very long brushes and spray bottles, and generally had a great time making a big painting creative mess and some excellent work! 

Over time the children have made the studio their own, and always come in with great enthusiasm and energy, working away at whatever projects we are currently looking at with a ton of their own creativity and ideas. Friendly collaboration is something that I see daily also. I am immensely proud of our kids for their ability to work together, ownership of their creative work often being collective rather than individual, which is something that us adults could learn from I’d say.  

Mr Marwick