The House of the Penguins have been diving right into the SCBC competitions this year coming second place in the Swimming Carnival and Cross Country. Upholding the house value of Hope, we strive towards success in each event with true House spirit and participation to achieve the most points. Unfortunately, the participation let us down in the Swimming carnival, awarding the trophy to our ultimate rivals, the Turtles. However, the Year 7s and 8s showcased strong House spirit and achieved the Des Mitchell House Spirit award. This is an awesome achievement to take from the day and certainly exciting to see huge amounts of yellow including custom penguin outfits by Freya Whittall – Well done! 

With absolute consistency, we are proud to have a very talented penguin, Sian Newman who has taken out the Champion girl for the Swimming Carnival and Queen of the track in Cross Country. Sian is displaying her incredible talent at SCBC and is certainly showing the senior year groups how it’s done. Alongside Sian, we had 8 students who placed in the top three results for their respective year groups. Well done to Lola Price, Shane Clarke, Reed Thompson, Katy Elliot, Logan Bassett, Jamie Robinson, Violet Longmore and Oliver Baker-Furrow.  

Following on from our great start to these events, our House had some outstanding wins in the House Games, winning the grand final against the Dolphins in the Year 8 Netball and against the Turtles in the Year 11/12 Basketball. Congratulations to our MVPs Matilda Whittall (Year 8) and Oliver Baker-Furrow (Year 11) in these nail biting games. Mr Oeij’s shouting and running up and down the netball court has certainly paid off! 

We are also outshining the other Houses with house points in the classroom, all students are getting involved in their classes to score some precious house points from their teachers to dive to the top of the ranks, a place we have held almost from the outset. Let’s do our best to hold onto this spot and show the other houses just how valuable simple actions like kindness and helpfulness can be.  

Keep putting in the effort and working towards our goal Penguins! The Athletics carnival is ours for the taking!  

Vanessa Serafini