We are almost halfway through the year, and we have accomplished so much. We celebrated many different events such as Harmony Week, Easter, and Mother’s Day. The children participated in many exciting and involving activities that provided them with some understanding of the events we celebrated and allowed them to be creative and meaningful with their creations.

Settling in new children

To help the children and families adjust to their new environment, we provide settling visits prior to starting in the room. The families discuss their children’s routines, and we allow the children to explore their new environment and meet the educators. We have had many new children settle in with us in the past couple of months. We would love to welcome Naomi, Lily, Rhylan, Hope, Benjamin, Zac, and Jack to our babies’ room, and we look forward to getting to know you all and helping you further your development. 

Harmony Day

To celebrate all the different cultures we have in our room, we created a culture form for the parents to fill out about their background and customs. We had lots of participation from the parents and included everyone’s culture in the room activities. We started by watching YouTube videos of various cultures, such as African animals, African drumming, and Russian dancing, to get them interested and aware, and then we started doing activities of our own.  

They helped make English scones. Everyone did a super good job and enjoyed eating them all up for afternoon tea. We did some African drumming with our little drums playing along to some music. The children were all into it and having a wonderful time; they did not want to stop. We had some sensory bags made to look like Fijian ocean and sand. The children were fascinated by what was inside and kept trying to pull the shells out.  

Easter Activities 

The children just loved doing the activities for our Easter program. We decorated some wooden crosses to symbolise Jesus dying on the cross. They were able to use their fine motor skills to pick up the sequins and put them on the cross. It was a little tricky for them, but they were super clever and did an amazing job.

They painted some eggs, starting off using cotton buds to paint with, but they preferred to use their hands, so that is what we did. We got super messy and had a fun time painting our eggs. 

We made some egg shakers and had a forum time outside. We sang ‘wheels on the bus,’ ‘open shut them,’ and ‘twinkle twinkle.’ The children shook their egg shakers to the songs we were singing. A couple of the children decided to walk around with their eggs all day.

Miss Haecker,

Bambini Room Curriculum Leader