The scoop of the day

As the Year 1 students were heading back from Assembly one morning, they found a unfamiliar object outside their classroom.  This sparked a lot of interest.  Henry reported of hearing a loud bang while inside the hall.  Another student was sure that this rock had fallen from space.  What could it be? “A meteorite” , “An astronaut rock”, “A piece of a crater from the moon!”.

We had to explore this further.  We have been discovering all the planets.  Making our own life size moon and small moons with craters.  We designed our own rockets and made small models, before creating a life size rocket for our entry way.  It has been such an amazing journey.  We are now looking forward to discovering more about how the sun is used to improve renewable energy.  The students have started to explore electric cars delving into the works of Elon Musk and solar powered energy.