Our holiday program was such an exciting experience for both the staff and students. During the holidays, we had a Commonwealth Day incorporating sports activities and watching a video of Suamili Nanai, Commonwealth Weightlifter (from the Australian NAVY), answering interview questions provided by our children. As a classroom, we also watch as he competed for Australia coming 6th overall. The children were so excited and felt like they were a part of it all. Suamili has let us know he will now be eligible to compete in the Paris Olympics

During Terms 2 and 3 we have been learning about culture and diversity with our students learning about different cultures within Australia. We learned about different cultural foods, religions, types of music, stories, dance and clothing, and each child was given a chance to see how different cultures eat their food. i.e., knife, fork, spoon, chopsticks, fingers.

Our students are learning about STEAM and how it is integrated into our daily lives through the use of robotic Lego, magnetic shape engineering, photography, (where the children capture what they see around the room and is displayed on our “what we see” wall), and daily reading with new books that are integrated into our book corner each month to help students who want to get into the millionaires club at school.

Miss Cull – OSHC (Out of School Hours Care) Room Curriculum Leader