Kodomo Educators and children would like to welcome all the new children and staff to the Kodomo room. We want to welcome our new Pre-Kindy Teacher Mrs Bonny Wilson to our room.

Over the past few months, we have focused on room routines and skilling – self-help skills, health and safety, applying sunscreen and wearing a hat when children go outside. The children are also skilled in washing their hands and looking after their belongings by putting their shoes by their bags when not wearing them. Skilling the children to scrap their own bowls, put them away and clean their placemats are practised through repetition.

Over the next few months, we will collaborate with the children to change their environment to create an uncluttered and creative space. Giving children a voice and a part to play in creating their own environment gives them a sense of ownership and leads to them caring for their own space and resources.


During mat sessions/forum times, Educators have been working with children on their social skills and understanding positive and negative behaviours. We have been learning about being friendly, considerate, and helpful, balancing the needs and wants of others with our own needs and being able to insist on having a turn confidently and calmly rather than dominating activities or conversations. We are working on the development of pro-social skills to build positive relationships and healthy assertiveness.

The Kodomo Team