Theme 2023 ‘Growing in gratitude.’

There is so much that happens in our Centre’s life, and we are grateful for that. Last week we celebrated Harmony Week where our Centre was full of festivities, and so much learning achieved, while celebrating many nations worldwide. Children learnt about many different national customs through songs, dances, stories, arts and crafts, and making and tasting many delicious foods.

We want to say a huge thank you to all our families who joined us for the Harmony Family Picnic. It was lovely to see that you enjoyed the fellowship and food while the children were busy with the bouncy castle, games, and sweets.

A very big Thank You to all our Educators who made last week a special one by taking their children on the learning journey, for the staff making delicious cuisine, for the staff rehearsing and presenting their cultural dances throughout the week, and for the staff beautifying our Centre.

We encourage families to look regularly at the room’s fortnightly tailored program and the learning stories. Your feedback is most welcomed; as we seek to build on your children’s natural curiosity, creativity, and skills.

We have limited spaces available for the April Vacation Care program. The Out of School Hours Care (OSHC) team strategically plans an exciting variety of activities every day in accordance with the ‘My Time, Our Place’ National Framework for School Aged Care in Australia. This means every activity that children participate in is learning through play. Play is where they test ideas, take on different roles, practise life skills, discover, create, improvise, and imagine. The Convention also recognises children’s rights to be active participants in all matters affecting their lives and respects their family, cultural and other identities, and languages. Our program changes with each term break but always includes exciting excursions, incursions, and in-house fun-filled activities days, all student-driven ideas.

For sustainable practices, we have engaged with Containers for Change. We thank our families that have donated their used recyclable bottles. All the proceeds raised go to the Baldivis Children’s Forrest. It is wonderful that our children can donate to a great place. For those that have not made a visit, we encourage you to do so as the local students have played a key role in establishing plants indigenous to the area, ensuring they remain healthy to provide a natural and safe habitat for a whole range of animal, reptile, and bird species.

We aim to continue to have a holistic approach in our educational setting, where children will build a solid and broad foundation for their lifelong learning and wellbeing. Our children are our future, who will grow to be caring, capable and responsible community members.

For the Lord is a great God, and a King above all gods. Psalm 95:3 (The bible)

Childcare Leadership Team