We are pleased with the way our Year Sevens have settled in well to their first year of Secondary School. They are eager to please, aspire to do well and maintain a friendly disposition, which has made for a fantastic start to the school year. We are reminded of the following verse from scripture as we watch the way they support each other. ‘Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed’ Ecclesiastes 4: 9 NLT.  

This term, our Year Sevens had the opportunity to attend their annual camp, where they developed valuable skills in teamwork, made new friends, and got to know their teachers. They also had a lot of fun participating in activities such as High Ropes, Rock climbing, and Archery. A highlight of the camp was Outback Splash, where the water slides and mazes proved to be a real hit with our Year Sevens. 

In addition to the camp, our Year Sevens recently participated in a locker decorating competition, showcasing their creativity and talent. The designs and themes presented were nothing short of amazing, and we are proud of the effort and dedication shown by our Year Sevens. 

As we move forward into the remainder of the school year, we are excited to watch our Year Sevens continue to grow and develop, both academically and socially. We encourage parents and guardians to support their child’s learning and development by engaging in regular communication with their teachers and taking an active interest in their child’s education. 

In conclusion, we would like to feature below our Year Seven Boodalang form with some of their reflections on Year Seven Camp.  

Amelia Lobegeier 

At camp I really enjoyed meeting all the teachers and making new friends. I also enjoyed stepping out of my comfort zone on adventurous activities such as rock climbing and high ropes.  

Isla Salvigny 

At camp I really enjoyed making new friends and learning things. My favourite activity was the High Ropes because it pushed me out of my comfort zone because of how high it was. I liked all the fun games.  

Noah Lindley 

I really enjoyed going in the pool with my friends. I enjoyed Outback Splash with it’s Mazes and Water slides. I had an amazing time with my friends hanging out with them in the pool and at meal times.  

Finley Lauwers 

I like the food! I liked all the activities, especially the high ropes. I enjoyed meeting new friends and making friends with the people in my form.