On Wednesday the 10th and Thursday the 11th of May, our Kindergarten and Pre-Primary students enjoyed a lovely afternoon celebrating our mums, aunties and grandmothers for Mother’s Day. 

Kindergarten children enjoyed a fun-filled Mother’s Day event on May 10th. The afternoon was filled with activities such as bead necklace making, decorating jewellery boxes, cookie decorating, and creating love heart scratchy cards. Each child had already made a special card for Mum beforehand, but the real magic happened in the hall as they crafted together! 

On the 11th of May, our Pre-Primary students enjoyed a lovely teddy bear picnic with Mum. Students were very busy the days leading up to making gifts, cards and lovely treats for our mums. We baked scones and decorated biscuits, which children shared with their mums during the picnic. The students also performed a beautiful song for mums to thank them for all they do for us.

All families greatly appreciated the events, and we made many beautiful memories with Mum. We thank the staff for the extra effort required to run these evenings.