I am pleased to say I feel blessed to be part of the SCBC Family since joining the team in Kodomo. We quickly got busy with celebrating Harmony week as it was a great way to introduce myself to the children and “Kodomo” family. I was reminded of how warm, loving, and resilient children are as they actively participated when we invited them to bring in photos of their families to put on our BELONGING Tree. The staff were very creative, and the children were pleased to see their family photos go up on the tree.   


We continued to focus on skilling the children to independently find their names and put their belongings on the hooks. We were so excited to receive our new colourful alphabet mat for the room in time for Easter. The children loved choosing their own square to sit on the mat which made learning about “whole body listening and deep breathing for “body breaks” a lot of fun. It is always a fun time learning the Gospel Story and expressing it through craft. The children got creative and using paper mache to cover the balloons and make the world. They got to think about God and how he created the world through listening to the bible stories. How amazing. They learnt a new song He’s got the whole world in his hand! And also made paper crosses, symbolising the new life that Jesus purchased us by His death and resurrection. There was lots of fun and excitement as the children enjoyed an Easter egg hunt.

We celebrated Anzac Day as the children made Wreaths to take home. 

Mother’s Day was a beautiful day to celebrate our mums as the Educators prepared a delicious Morning Tea.  It was very special indeed to have so many mums come along. The children completed the event by singing a song that they had been learning throughout the month “This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine”.

We continue to learn about God’s love through listening to stories about plants and being reminded that as our parents love us so too is the Love of God. We all planted a seed in cotton wool and watched it bud with green little “leaves “The children were eager to see growing on the window! This was a great opportunity to link it in our learning of the outdoor environment and using the wild space to plant our precious seeds. During forum we talk about “How much they are loved by nurturing us and doing everything to help us grow. Learning how a plant grows with love.


Pip the Koala – It’s so good to be working together with parents in the community as we had a parent who works at for Australia Post come in to teach the children about Koalas. We listened to what we can do to stop them becoming “extinct” and how we can do our part to make a difference.

 Let’s keep collecting more used plastics and bottles to make soft toy Pip Koalas and conserve our environment. Please don’t forget to also bring in your bottles and place them into the blue bin at the front gate, all donations go to the Baldivis Children’s Forest Thanks Pip!

 A Huge Thank you to all the Childcare team for their warm welcome into the family as I am reminded of my favourite bible verse.

‘for I know the plans I have for you. Declares the Lord. “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”

Jeremiah 29:11

Mrs Wilson
Kodomo Pre-Kindy Teacher