During Term 2 students had the opportunity to visit the Art Gallery of Western Australia to see the Pulse Perspectives Exhibition. Below is a reflection from our students.

Year 11 & 12 General / ATAR Visual Art Excursion – Lilly Wilson 

On the excursion, the Year 11 and 12 ATAR and general art classes had the opportunity to view the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts and the Art Gallery of Western Australia. I found that going to both galleries highlighted the different approaches to contemporary art through the medium and meaning of pieces especially. The PICA exhibition focused on conceptual art, with abstract ideas that pushed the boundaries of what we know of modern art. In the AGWA, we had a chance to view the whole building, including architecture and sculptures outside. Though we focused on this year’s Pulse Perspectives, an exhibition that displayed the top art from graduating students of 2022. I found this art was more focused on social issues and played more with paint and clay. Taking lots of photos, and sketching our favourite pieces, this exhibition expanded our ideas and explored concepts that we hadn’t thought of before. Overall, the day was a great change of routine that encouraged exploration and inspiration for our next pieces and gave an insight into the art world today. 

Year 9 & 10 2D Visual Art Excursion Abbie Rennie

My name is Abbie Rennie and I am in the year 9 Visual Art 2D class of 2023. My class has recently been given the opportunity to go on an excursion to different galleries in Perth to learn more about the different artists in our community and the different techniques they have used in their artworks. We visited the PICA Art Museum in Perth where we learnt all about the different mediums and materials used in contemporary artworks. This was an interesting experience as we learnt that there is lots of different techniques that can be found outside of a traditional artwork. Such as the use of our five senses around us, and how they can change how we experience those pieces of art. We also visited the Art Gallery of Perth; this was a wonderful experience for me as I got to understand more about how the use of different elements in an artwork can effectively tell us a story. In this gallery I saw an artwork that was using audio to convey a specific message, this was very interesting. In the Art Gallery of Perth, we saw an exhibition called Pulse Perspectives which had former year 12 student artworks from 2022. I had such a great time on this excursion because it was fun and inspiring to both me and my peers. I hope to go back soon.