It has been a term filled with exploration, learning, and joyous moments for our budding minds.

Nutrition Awareness: One of the highlights of this term was our focus on nutrition. Through various engaging activities, our children discovered the wonders of healthy eating. We learned about different food groups and had the opportunity to sample many different foodstogether, which was both educational and delightful.

Celebrating Children’s Week and Family Picnic: We created unforgettable moments during Children’s Week, especially our special Family Picnic Day. This was a wonderful event where our young adventurers had the chance to explore the outdoors and enjoy the Wildspace area with their family and friends. Children were thrilled to see the visiting baby animal farm.We put on their coats and ventured outside to explore the baby animal farm.

Their excitement was palpable as the educators rolled the cot over to the farm; our educators guided the children to observe the animals. Joy radiated from their faces, expressed through happy gestures and beaming smiles. Children enthusiastically engaged with the baby animals in the tiny cage farm, while a few preferred to observe from a distance, each child embracing their comfort zone.

Enhancing Skills: We dedicated time to hone essential skills. Our children have displayed remarkable progress from practicing active listening during group activities and one-on-one conversations to participating in tailored programs aligned with their interests. Exploring both indoor and outdoor environments further enhanced their physical, social, and emotional skills.

We look forward to this Christmas season, filled with many delightful activities for the children to enjoy and experience. We are also looking forward to our families joining us for our Centre Christmas party.