As we wrap up an exciting term filled with exploration, learning, and joyful moments, we wanted to share some highlights and adventures from our time together.

Exploring Nature’s Wonders: Our little adventurers have been thoroughly enjoying the great outdoors! From collecting sticks and gathering leaves to playing in the dirt, their enthusiasm for nature knows no bounds. We’ve had bug-catching adventures, observing these tiny creatures in containers, fostering a love and appreciation for the natural world.

Cooling off with Water Play: We’ve introduced refreshing water play activities with the weather heating up. Our clever explorers have been having a blast with ice block play, delighting in the icy coolness on warm days. It’s wonderful to see them engaged and having fun while staying cool.

Diverse Activities for Development: Indoors and outdoors, we’ve offered a range of activities to support their growth. They’ve been enhancing their fine and gross motor skills, cognitive abilities, and language development through play. Messy and sensory play has been constant favourites, igniting creativity and exploration.

Celebrating Growth and Achievements: It’s been an incredible year witnessing your children’s growth through various stages of development. The Pikanini team has dedicatedly nurtured their spiritual and emotional growth, and we’re thrilled to see their progress.

A heartfelt thank you to all parents and families for your unwavering support and humility. It’s truly a privilege to work with your children and to have met new families throughout this year.

As we are entering into this Christmas season, let’s celebrate the wonderful memories and learning experiences shared. We look forward to more adventures, growth, and fun in the coming terms.