We gathered all sorts of kitchen items and placed them on the table for us to play. We picked different kinds of toy utensils, this helps develop children’s social skills; like pans, saucepans, scrapers, and lots more. The children interacted with others in a make-believe situation. Through this type of play, children learn to take turns, share, and cooperate with others. This imaginative play also helps children understand and express emotions. Children hold and identify the food they love, like bananas, broccoli, sausage and fish. The children have been taught to play with their friends by sharing and taking turns.  We introduced the children to sustainability, focusing on our environment and nature to impact our awareness. We had all natural resources, including different kinds of animals and bugs, some big and small, seashells, dried and fresh sticks, and leaves.  We hold each bug and animal and then identify each one of them. Magnifying glasses were also used.

During our morning mat session, the children were deeply engaged on the mat with a variety of toys, they gravitated toward the friction of the cars, driving them all along the room surfaces. Throughout the day the children happily engaged themselves in spontaneous moments as they freely explored musical instruments. To support gross motor development and hand-eye coordination, the children were encouraged to hold soft plastic balls; using throwing skills, the children were encouraged to throw them into a basket.

For Happy World Ocean Day, we had a messy activity in celebration of World Ocean Day. We created a large sensory tray with hidden animals amongst lots of sticky goop ocean and seaweed themed. The children were hesitant to touch the goop and needed some reassurance and guidance to investigate it. Although the children were very curious about watching the goop drip from solid to liquid, they were very interested in our fishing experience. Utilising the fishing roads, the children collected and retrieved the sea creatures while working on trial and error. The children were provided with another sensory tray, this time using shredded paper. The ocean animals were placed underneath, and the children were encouraged to dig through the paper. The children listened to all the sea creature’s sounds.

Mrs Codeniera
Bambini Room Curriculum Leader