On Friday the 14th of June, the Year 11 General Drama class went on an excursion into the city to do a workshop at the Black Swan Theatre, run by the Black Swan Theatre Company themselves. It was a day full of fun activities and helpful information, given by highly experienced lecturers that work with many productions. This workshop was specifically useful to the Year 11 class, as they could explore the different elements of the creation of plays, and could incorporate various techniques into their next upcoming assignment.

After the trip into the city, the Students got to tour the wonderful theatre, and experience a class with one of the Black Swan’s Acting Coaches. Here they were involved in engaging games to expand their improvisation skills.

Later in the day, the Year 11 class sat down and were involved with the costume design process from one of the professional costume designers at the Black Swan Theatre. The class explored different characters freely, learning what makes them different and unique, before creating their own representation of the character’s costume. This was definitely one of the highlights of the day!

This day was exciting and enjoyable for everyone involved. 

By Sienna De Kock, Year 11