What an eventful 2018 the Kindy Three class has had! The students entered the year with confidence, all ready to learn and make new friendships. They loved exploring their new classroom as well as the outdoor learning area. They quickly settled into their surroundings and routine.

We started the year exploring who we are, what we like and the things that we don’t like. We learnt that every child is different and unique. God has made us incredibly special and he has given each one of us a purpose and a plan. We learnt that we need things to help us grow spiritually and physically like food, water, shelter and most importantly love. This led into inquiry about how plants and animals need the same. This inquiry has flowed throughout the year and it is helping us appreciate what a wonderful world we have.

Kindy Three have also had some exciting incursions and excursion. We have learnt more about Indigenous culture, how we can help others in case of an emergency and we spent some time at Kwinana Adventure Park.

We are looking forward to what the rest of the year has to offer.