The Secondary PhysEd Department started the year off in fine form with our Director of Sport, Mr Ty Campbell, running a fantastic Inter-House Swimming Carnival at Aqua Jetty in Week 2.  The students showed great tenacity and determination, with many students swimming multiple races and filling in for people that couldn’t swim on the day.  After years of being at the back of the pack, Joshua students had a surge of hope when half way through the day they were beating the mighty Moses and solid David Houses.  Students and staff got white line fever and it was on for young and old. The houses battled it out in the pool, culminating with the relay events at the end of the day.  With breaths held, the school waited in anticipation to hear the result… Moses managing to bring it back to be victorious again!!!  Great job to all students that participated and did so well to swim hard and represent their house. A huge thank you to student and parents’ helpers and to all those that came to spectate.  What a great afternoon of swimming!