As Primary School Head Girl and Head Boy for 2018, Taitam Ellis and Parveen Warren, had the opportunity to represent the College at monthly Rockingham Junior Council Meetings across the 2018 academic year. These meetings were attended by Primary School student leaders from a range of schools within the Rockingham precinct.

Some of the initiatives discussed and developed across the year at these meetings included proposals from the students to place stickers and label bins for the public, and the establishment of a ‘March for Mental Health Day’ in the City of Rockingham in March 2019.

Their attendance at these events culminated last week on Thursday, 22nd November 2018, at the Rockingham Junior Council Graduation, where students discussed the topics of developing a waste free day in Rockingham and building a nature reserve for Australian plants and animals for the Rockingham community. These final debates at the graduation meeting were a conclusion of learnt debating skills, and also special as their parents were able to attend and watch proceedings.

At the Junior Council Graduation Paarveen and Taitam received certificates from Councillor Matt Whitfield, City of Rockingham. These certificates acknowledged their attendance at the Rockingham Junior Council’s monthly meetings. Both Taitam and Parveen have endeavoured to facilitate current and future changes in our local community. They have been honoured to have the opportunity to work with others and facilitate positive change in our community.

Our students demonstrating Rigorous minds and Compassionate hearts.